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4 mistakes to avoid that can sabotage your criminal defense

On Behalf of | Apr 1, 2022 | Uncategorized

Between the time of your arrest and appearing in court for your defense, there are plenty of opportunities to make the job easier for the prosecution.

Your defense depends on the skill of your attorney, the witness and evidentiary support for your case and your own activities. These are four mistakes that can seriously impact how your trial goes.

1. Talking too much

The more you say to the police, the more support you potentially provide to the prosecution. You should not make a statement, either written or oral, when at the time of arrest, nor should you discuss anything about the situation with coworkers, friends or anyone else other than your attorney.

2. Using social media

Do not post anything about your situation or the case on any social media channels. Anything that appears on the internet has staying power and can add to the evidence against you.

3. Avoiding your court date

Never miss a court appearance. It will jeopardize your freedom if you are out on bond, but it will also raise issues with suspicions of guilt.

4. Violating the terms of your bail

If you are out on bond until your trial, do not do anything that would reverse this decision. Obey the terms of your bail agreement, which could include avoiding drug and alcohol use, not possessing any weapons, obeying all laws and complying with travel restrictions.

Making one of these mistakes could make a bad situation even worse. Speak to your attorney for additional help protecting your criminal defense.