Legal Representation For Every Aspect Of Your Life

C WoodsWhen you are facing problems, having someone who will listen to you can make your life a little easier. When that person listening is a dedicated lawyer, you get something more. You get sound advice and, more importantly, options for resolution.

At Duffy Law Firm, PC, we will spend the time you need to tell your story. We will identify your specific needs and goals and tailor your Texas legal strategies. All options toward realistic choices are put on the table. Our goal is to find the best possible resolution to family law, estate planning or criminal matters.

Empowering Our Fellow Lubbock Residents Make Good Decisions

Throughout the course of everyone's life, legal problems can arise when you least expect it. Juveniles facing criminal charges, couples ending their marriage, or a family member's death can make anyone feel powerless.

Regardless of your specific legal problem, we give you decision-making authority. You have control throughout every step of the process. At every step, we remain at your side until your case is resolved.

Take Action And Secure The Legal Help You Need

The longer you wait to resolve a legal problem, the more challenging it becomes. Contact Duffy Law Firm, PC by calling 806-370-7814. We have two convenient office locations, in Lubbock. To reach our law office online, send us an email message.