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Does remarriage affect child support?

On Behalf of | Apr 16, 2021 | Child Support

Even though your first marriage ended in divorce, you may be thinking about walking down the aisle again. Still, if you currently receive child support from your ex-spouse, you may wonder how your remarriage may affect your monthly budget.

When making support orders, judges in Texas consider both the best interests of the child and each parent’s finances. If circumstances change, either parent may request a support modification. Until a judge approves one, though, the existing order typically remains in effect.

Your new spouse’s income

Even if your new spouse has a great job, his or her income should have no effect on the child support your ex-spouse must pay. That is, judges should only consider the biological parents’ income when making support orders.

Your new spouse’s intentions

If your child does not have a relationship with your ex-spouse, his or her biological parent, your new spouse may want to adopt your son or daughter. While adoption may make sense, it is may also affect the child support you receive. After all, if your ex-spouse surrenders parental rights, the current support order is likely to end.

Your child’s intentions

On the other hand, your child may have little or no interest in living with your new spouse. This may be especially true if you intend to move into your new husband’s or wife’s home. If you rework your existing custody agreement to allow your child to live with his or her other parent, you may receive less child support. You may also have to pay child support to your ex-spouse.

Whether your child support payments are likely to change after your remarriage ultimately depends on many factors. Therefore, if you worry about losing support payments, you must carefully consider all possible consequences of remarriage.