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Mistakes to avoid in divorce

On Behalf of | Aug 2, 2021 | Firm News

It is common for people to make mistakes during a divorce that unnecessarily complicate the process. They can result in significant emotional distress as well as costly financial repercussions.

Identifying some of the most frequent pitfalls may help you to avoid them. Here are some examples of missteps that are counterproductive to your interests and objectives.

Not considering mediation

People getting a divorce may automatically conclude that mediation is not an option. This may be because there has been a communication breakdown or they are simply too angry to try working together amicably. In reality, the divorce process should not be a way to prolong fighting with a spouse. The process can go much smoother when people are able to reach mutual agreements in mediation about important issues.

Choosing counsel because he or she is extremely aggressive

Hiring an overly aggressive litigator for the purpose of being as combative as possible is usually not a good tactic. The best family law lawyers represent clients with skillful advocacy and integrity. Their objectives do not include helping clients hurt a former spouse. Trying to make the process a nightmare for your ex could make it a nightmare for you as well.

Failing to consider the tax consequences of key financial matters

Dividing or transferring certain assets could involve paying considerable taxes. You need to fully understand the tax consequences of certain financial matters during your divorce.

During a divorce, do not let emotions overwhelm you. Put your focus on resolving the issues in front of you and getting the closure that you need to move forward.