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What are grounds for a custody or support modification in Texas?

On Behalf of | Jan 31, 2023 | Child Custody, Divorce

When parents divorce, Texas courts put the children’s well-being first. Many times, both parents share custody to support the parent-child relationship.

However, the following situations might allow modifications to custody or child support arrangements.

Material and substantial changes

No amount of planning can anticipate drastic life changes. These circumstances may require adjustments to existing custody and support plans:

  • One parent dies
  • The courts file certain criminal charges against one parent
  • A decrease or increase in the non-custodial parent’s income
  • The children’s or parent’s health changes

When these situations arise, courts may review current custody or financial arrangements and determine that modifications are necessary to support the children’s best interests.

The children’s choice

As children become old enough to make sound decisions, courts might consider their wishes. If children above a certain age want to live with one parent or seek other custody modifications, they can write letters to the courts with their requests. When the courts modify the custody arrangements, the custodial parent may also ask for changes to the child support payments.

One parent abandons the children

Unless parents are active in the military, parents who choose to give their children to another person or the other parent for longer than six months may lose custody rights. When parents voluntarily remove themselves from their children’s lives, the other parent can seek modifications in the custody and child support arrangements.

If parents believe the current custody or financial orders do not support the best interest of their children, they can petition the court for modification.