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Protecting Your Rights When The Stakes Are High

From the moment you are arrested and charged with a crime, you need immediate legal representation. Police and prosecutors may claim to be at your side. However, a skilled and experienced criminal defense lawyer is your best advocate who will protect your rights and even the odds you face.

At Duffy Law Firm, PC, we represent Lubbock residents charged with felony or misdemeanor crimes. From the moment we take on your case, we build your defense with the goal of minimizing the consequences in not only criminal court, but also divorce and immigration proceedings.

Dedicated, Diligent And Compassionate Representation When You Need It Most

Effective DUI/DWI defenses start with in-depth investigations of everything from the initial stop to the chain of evidence involving blood and chemical tests. We also provide advocacy at license suspension hearings to protect your ability to drive, even if that involves an occupational license.

Texas residents charged with drug crimes have the option of drug courts in many Texas counties. Far too many arrests resulted from addiction to marijuana or methamphetamine (meth). Diversion programs exist to provide treatments that address the problem instead of jail time.

Fighting For The Future Of Your Child Facing Life-Changing Criminal Charges

So-called youthful indiscretions can negatively affect the future of children. In addition to possible jail and fines, a criminal record will follow juveniles long into the future. Obstacles exist when applying for jobs or school. College students face expulsion. Our job is to minimize the immediate and long-term consequences.

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