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Reasons a collaborative divorce could be right for you

On Behalf of | Jul 28, 2023 | Divorce

Depending on how you handle divorce, such a life event can be easier or harder. One option that eliminates much of the heartache is collaborative divorce. It certainly is better than constantly devolving into endless arguments.

In a collaborative divorce, the parties communicate with each other to split assets and determine child custody. The optimal outcome becomes possible by placing mutual respect over a desire for revenge. Anyone considering a collaborative divorce should check to be positive that the reasons for pursuing this path are in place.

Reason #1: Your spouse is willing to try a collaborative divorce

Collaborative divorce only works when both partners are willing to compromise. Choose another option if your soon-to-be-ex cannot be civil. Otherwise, float the idea and gauge the response.

Reason #2: Your finances cannot sustain a lengthy divorce trial

Going to court is more expensive than a collaborative divorce. Since it remains in the best interest of everyone to keep costs down, taking the less expensive alternative is highly desirable.

Reason #3: Your children might suffer from the divorce

It is never pleasant for little ones when their mommies and daddies split. The less exposure to incessant arguing they experience, the better they will survive the experience. Working with the other parent also sets the stage for a custody arrangement that prioritizes the needs of children.

Collaborative divorce is not for everyone, yet it makes sense if you can get along with your former partner. The outcome tends to be less fiscally burdensome and happier for little ones.